Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Pregnant Dreams

So the freaky pregnant dreams are here…and with a vengeance. I almost thought that I was going to be immune and they would never appear. The strangest thing about that is that I have extremely vivid and often completely ridiculous dreams on a normal basis. And that is even without Nyquil; you throw Nyquil into the mix and I never know what my subconscious will do.

I once had a dream about this really scary old man. I was with Husband and his best friend in this large like warehouse thing that had all sorts of trinkets and inventions that were haphazardly strewn about; a lot like Doc’s house in Back to the Future. There was this old elevator looking thing that was suspending from the ceiling that looked like a metal container and had a wheel with spokes that turned on the outside to lock a person, or something else, in. It looked like the container that they lock the glowing girl in to transport her to the U.S. in the animated movie Atlantis. So anyway this crazy old man with nutso hair like Einstein shows up at some point and we lock him in there. And no I don’t know why. So we (Husband and I) go into this little room to sleep and the room has two doors on the wall that faces the bed. I wake up in the middle of the night (in the dream) and realize that I have heard a noise. So I get up and go lock the farthest (I know stupid) of the two doors as it was ajar. I run and leap back into bed and put my head under the covers. About the time I realize I didn’t lock the other door. I lift my head out to get up again and there is the OLD MAN leaning over me and reaching out; and he looked pissed. It is at this point that I wake up screaming and scare the living crap out of Husband. Our closet door is on my side of the bed and I swear to this day I cannot sleep with that door ajar. Every once in a while if Husband is being a pain he will tell go close the closet door you don’t want the old man coming out tonight which scares the crap out of me right before I go to bed. I know, isn’t he so sweet?

So yes that is an old dream; but this week a very unusual thing happened to me. I started a dream on Sunday night and Monday night when I went back to sleep it picked back up where I left off. Now that is a subconscious that likes to have the last word. Apparently it hates my incessant nighttime peeing and my morning alarm as much as I do. So starting Sunday night, in the dream, apparently my Mother and Step-Dad did something illegal and flee the country. CJ and I were able to arrange some sort of secret meeting with someone who was able to give us a clue to there whereabouts. I know there was a lighthouse involved (I recently read a book that centered on one) and I know that we found out they were on an island. We were not sure how we were going to get there. So then Monday night Sister and BIL (bro-in-law) join our cause and we are all trying to figure out how we are going to get there together. I know lawn chairs were involved in that discussion but I cannot remember in which way. For all I know I may have just been sitting on one; it was bamboo. So I tell my Mom about this yesterday and caution her from doing anything illegal (which is hilarious if you knew how straight laced my Moms is) and her response is well crap what else am I supposed to do this weekend? So yes folks that is apparently where I get it from.

So in the wee hours of this morning I wake up to pee; again. As I am walking to the bathroom I realize I am freezing which quickly segues into the fact that I am no longer wearing a shirt. About this time I logically (imagine that) remember that I had gotten something on my shirt and had taken it off. Which leads me to think (while peeing) but I was sleeping how did I get my shirt dirty? As I walk back to bed I remember that a bird had pooped on my shirt; which took me back to the “what the hell I was sleeping” thought. Then I am like great you are a dumbass. So yes a bird pooped on my shirt in a dream which apparently leads to me waking up in the middle of the night and taking my shirt off so my bed doesn’t get dirty.

Last night in yet another dream I also apparently needed to attend a pre-natal appointment. I am guessing that Husband couldn’t come because Red was attending with me. So we are led into this very large examining room and I am told to get undressed. I nicely tell the assistant that this is just a check-up and I am not due for any kind of physical today. She says yes you are you have ____ (some test I cannot remember) and you will need to wear this gown. This scary large woman then comes in and starts pouring me a glass of this radioactive stuff that smells like bananas. Now let me tell you that I have had to drink similar stuff before for a CT scan and it-is-not-pretty. So they are both saying you need this test so just drink it. The little nurse says well it isn’t as bad as an amniocentesis and I am like what are you people talking about? I yell I am 25 years old and in good health I don’t need any of your crazy stupid tests and burst into tears. I quickly woke up and actually I think that is when I discovered I was no longer wearing my shirt. J

Thursday, February 5, 2009


A good friend of mine who apparently reads my blog (very cool btw) has mentioned to me over the past few weeks that I have sorely neglected my readership. I think she may be the only one but nevertheless it is a bummer when my favorite blogs don’t write in forever; I mean they do know we need escape from work here and there right?

It was hard to write in my blog there for a while because Husband and I were trying to keep the fact that I got pregnant again right away under wraps. Surprisingly enough, we actually accomplished this. So yes I am pregnant again. I am 14 weeks tomorrow and I am feeling great- well emotionally; physically I feel like crap most of the time. Although the all day everyday nausea has seemingly wore off I am still ridiculously exhausted, my back almost always aches, I get terrible headaches almost daily, and apparently heartburn has taken up permanent residence in my body. I fear it has completed it’s take over and will now occupy my digestive tract for another 26 weeks. And of course that thought makes we want to cry and stop eating in general; which would make me very cranky and would have an obviously negative impact on Jelly Bean. So eat I do but nothing sounds good anymore because of the heartburn or the raging headache that makes my head spin.

But enough of the complaints because I am so freaking excited! I know how much of a blessing it is to be pregnant right now and for things to be going well. Jelly Bean appears to be healthy and right on track. This experience has been so different than the one before it. I could feel from 6 weeks that my body was different and that this time things would be different and the doctor confirmed this time was different. Although in the first few weeks every time I felt a twinge or had to pee I quickly made my way to the bathroom to check out the situation. That was when my heart would start pounding and sometimes my breath would catch. Was it just pee? The sigh of relief every time I got a pee only paper reading was exhausting. It was shortly after this time that I just sort of felt a peace about the situation. Although the thought of losing another baby made me feel like I was going to hyperventilate; I dealt with it.

The morning that I found out I was pregnant followed a very busy Thanksgiving weekend where we had done some traveling and I had drank some cocktails. This coupled with what happened in October had Husband reeling (not to mention it was his birthday and I took the test at 6:15 a.m.) and so he sort of freaked out so then I sort of freaked out and called my Mom bawling at 6:45 in the morning. She assured me that every thing was probably fine and that this baby needed a Mom who could handle the things life threw at her. Coming from my Mom this was like a WOW. My Mom knows a lot about being a Mom in the face of sometimes really crappy situations. Anyway she was excited and it spread to me.

Fast forward at my 6 week doctor appointment they did an U/S and we were able to see that the baby had in fact implanted into the uterine wall. At 9 weeks we were able to see some arm buds and the heartbeat beating on the screen. It is like this little blinking section of the color part of the baby. It was crazy. It happens so fast. I really wish they would let you sit in there for at least 5 minutes and just get to stare you know. Anyway at 12 weeks we heard the heartbeat and that was amazing. It wasn’t until we were walking out of the doctor’s office that I started to cry. It really is just an amazing, amazing thing. So now here I am almost 14 weeks and loving this situation. It is hard sometimes knowing that so much is still up in the air. My work situation is in limbo until we know what Husband will do. He recently completed his degree so if he stays with his current employer than I will be taking a short maternity leave and I will back to work full time; no clue as to what town Jelly bean will be in day care yet. If he changes then I may be able to take a longer maternity leave and come back part time. Only time will tell we just have to wait it out and see. But either way we are both thrilled and cannot wait!