Friday, March 27, 2009

Little Ears

So I read about two weeks ago in my babycenter email that Baby Charlotte is really starting to hear now. They encouraged the parents to talk to the baby and play the baby classical music and so on. Now Husband is like Classical? How about some Zepplin? I tend to agree with him. I am sure the baby could learn more about musicality and good creative writing skills from Zepplin that Chopin but hey that’s just me.

So one night we are sitting on the couch going round and round what should we do about dinner? We had forgotten to take anything out of the freezer and we were doing our “what do you want, no what do you want, what are your top three dance.” And yes it is truly as annoying as it sounds. So annoying in fact it makes me often want to throw up my hands and yell “never mind I am NOT hungry anymore;” which would we both know would be utterly untrue. So I take a break for the pointlessness of our conversation and redirect. This is how that goes:

Me: “You should talk to the baby.”

H: “Hi baby”

Me: “ No I mean say something to her (as I move his head lower to my stomach) tell her something important.” I expected him to say something like I really love your mom or I can’t wait to me you but no of course not. Could he make it that easy? Instead I get…

H: “Baby your Mom thinks she is right A LOT. And I just want to make sure you know right now that she isn’t always right. I get to be right sometimes too.”

I could hardly hear the end over my belly roll of laughter. I wanted to swat him but you know what he was right. At least the kid isn’t getting boring parents right?


This week (20th ) marks the point of where I really started to feel our baby. Several weeks back I had a icky flutter feeling that almost felt like I was getting a stomach ache and then it would subside a bit and I realized what it was. It was not very strong and intermittent and when I would feel it I would try to hang on as long as I could but how can you hang on to air? BUT earlier this week I definitely felt a push on something. It is almost like a small muscle twitch except it doesn’t repeat itself right away. It is definitely like the coolest thing so far next to actually seeing her. And I am happy to report friends that it looks like we are having a very healthy baby girl. We only have one test left to go as a double check and I am excited to see her again. Sadly this next scan will be the last time I likely see her until she is born and that seems so far away! Pregnancy is so long!! I am sure it will start picking up from here. I will have more nights where I almost fall over in the shower trying to reach my ankles, nights getting up to pee, mornings trying to find shoes (so some things don’t change).

I can’t wait for Husband to be able to feel her too. It should be soon!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sick= Ugh

I don't like being sick. In fact I truly hate it. My boss may think I like being sick because of how much it seems to happen; but really I don't. In fact I go to great lengths to prevent it. I am one of those people who religiously always washes her hands, with soap and warm water, for at least 20 seconds and opens every door knob on the way back to my desk with a paper towel where I promptly sanitize. Now some of you may think that is insane and I am creating super germs blah, blah, blah whatever. I know the truth which is that the world is covered in feces and I am just smart to avoid it. There is no less than one article a week on MSN that supports my claim. I do not do this at home, we do not remove our shoes while we are indoors (yet), and I do not even lysol at home unless someone has actually been sick.

Normally these tactics work great for me. I do get headaches and this pregnancy seems to be causing me a constant minor cold but other than that I usually do pretty good. Then this week I either get a cold or a bad allergic reaction and I am down 3 days; it blew. But now Husband either has what I had or some breed of something else and it really, really blows. It physically pains me to see him ill. Maybe someday when I have seen it a few more times I will get used to it but he so rarely gets sick usually. I just hate that he isn't well and that there isn't anything that I can do to make him feel better. He also is a man of course so he talks back at any sort of treatment and is belligerent at times. He has been considerably less whiny this time than last but he is fighting me on fever reduction. All of sudden he won't drink any water and he refuses to sleep with a sheet only. I am like give me that blanket my Mom said so! So hopefully by the time he wakes up tomorrow (I just put him to bed after his 2 hour nap on the couch) he will be getting better already. He usually recovers in half the time I do so that is possible.

So to any of you out there whose spouses are sick (probably much sicker than mine) I sympathize with you in the purest of ways. I cannot imagine how hard it will be to stand by and watch this child that I am carrying when it is sick or heartbroken. How as parents can you stomach life? I keep thinking that when my Mom had me this country was in a terrible recession and then she saw prosperity for a while. Although I still feel this world is worth bringing a child into I cannot help but be discouraged. When will we find a cure for cancer? When will adolescents not beat up their friends and post it on You Tube? When will be all be financially solvent and what will we look like when it happens.

See this is what happens when I am stressed and worried and up past my bedtime on the internet.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I have never been one who has had a doughnut issue or problem. I know there are those (you know who you are) where doughnuts are like a personal food group. My darling 110 pound adult Sister may be one of them; along with chocolate chip cookies, ice cream cones, and high fructose corn syrup. Girlfriend has a sweet tooth. Love you Munch!

So anyway, all this to say that doughnuts are very important to some people; just usually not to me. So why then did I have a lengthy dream last night, one in which I woke up several times only to return back to the same spot, on a quest for doughnuts from a reputable doughnut shop? It was like a Dude Where’s My Car? or a Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle- esqe quest.

I did eventually obtain my two dozen doughnuts and the glazed ones were awesome. I took them to work and NO ONE ate a single doughnut the whole day at work. So then by the end of the dream work day I was pissed that I had put so much effort into getting these ungrateful people doughnuts and they didn’t even eat them.
This may be one of my stranger pregnant dreams. When will I dream about the baby? What is all this food crap? Note to internet although I seem obsessed with food and drink I have not gained yet AT ALL!!!