Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Time

Ok so it's been a long time; like a very long time. The only excuse I have is that I was really tired in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. So now I am home and just waiting for the baby to be born; well that and currently trying to get an answer out of Husband as to whether or not he wants to have the family over for dinner this week. That may seem like an easy task but well yeah it's not.

We are all good here. Doc says she thinks baby will be here in the next week or so which is very, very exciting. I am sure once she comes I will have tons to talk about. We will see if I am too tired to lift my fingers long enough to type.

Today I slept in again after scrapbooking with my Sister last night. Then I took a shower and bathed the dogs. Penny was thrilled and really seemed to enjoy the full body scratch that comes with a bath. Lola enjoyed the bath but has been all pouty ever since. She stalked away from us and collapsed in a huff where she slept for an hour only to come around again once people food was offered. She even responded to be called Miss Pouty- yes this is a scary thing. We are hoping the baby doesn't also repond to Miss Pouty someday.

Anyhow so not much exciting going on today with us. We are now going to re-arrange the front bedroom AGAIN because we keep dumping crap in there and now there is no where for my Mom to sleep again after she comes when the baby is born. We are also going to finish straightening the baby's room. So now that I am off work for 4 MONTHS!!!! I will probably attempt to write more. See you soon...

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