Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Future

Our fabulous daughter was eventually born around two weeks after my last post. And yes I have been too busy/tired to write since then. I was very lucky and her birth went down pretty much exactly how I was hoping. I managed to birth her without any pain medication and honestly I couldn't have been more proud of myself. It felt (still feels) like this huge accomplishment. I couldn't have done it without the Husband and My Mom and Sister. I had great coaches.

I had decided early on in my pregnancy that I did not want any pain medication but I had no idea how to achieve that goal. So I did what I always do in that situation- I read. I also took a great birth education class. In the process of all of this preparation I stumbled upon what I think may be "a calling." I wanted to wait until Little Miss was born so I knew more about my brain dealing with labor to see if I thought I could hack it- and now I think I can. So I am officially going to start my Doula training certification process. I-am-so-excited. I have always been fascinated by the human body and the reproductive system in particular. For some reason I became the de facto all female problems and sex related questions for many of my friends. I always felt that was because my lack of shame, judgment, or embarrassment discussing things that can make other women feel ashamed, judged, and embarrassed. I am a straight talker pretty much and I think sometimes that is what people need and that is when they probably most appreciate me. Anyway I have started my process- the first being the choice in my mind and I am stoked. I know that it will take a while to get certified and established but I hope that I become very good at this and it becomes my lifelong career. I want to be 60 years old and a funny Grandma that still drinks Cosmos and says crap a lot; and who also still hunkers down and talk and walks women through the most beautiful experience they will ever have in their life. I have witnessed a birth and it is the single most magical thing I think I will ever see- I witnessed a miracle.

I will write more about my labor and my Darling Muffin another night. For now my comfy bed is calling my name. It has been a very busy day.

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