Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Go

So ok internet I am going to give this another go. It does feel good to just write even though I know about one person who is reading it. I guess the point is just to write.

Lately life seems so ridiculously blissful one moment and what the crap is going on the next. The constant zig zag between the two is exhausting. So I will just list a few sentences about our life right now in crazy town.

1.) Bubbles is now almost 8 months and she is amazing.
2.) Being a Mom has has far exceeded my expectations in every awesome meter there is.
3.) Being Mom that works outside of the home is the hardest thing I have ever done in so many ways.
4.) I have an awesome Husband, great family, and great friends.
5.) As an adult being friends with my Mom who is also still like a Mom is a pretty cool thing.
6.) My Mom likes to feed us in crazy town and lucky for her she likes to eat. This means Husband and I both need to work out. So I am taking a swimming class with Mom and Sister and it is really fun.
7.) I still think it is funny when Bubbles throws her toys on the floor and laughs.
8.) I am still worried about this great State of CA and what this will all mean for us and for Bubbles and any future crazy town kids.
9.) I want my Google Fiber.
10.) This is the year of the iphone for me and I can't wait.
11.) Losing weight feels as good as it sounds.

and 12 because I am even braver than Sam

12.) I still love Jeopardy. We DVR it everyday and now Bubbles is addicted. She sends out some mad loving feelings for Trebek.

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