Monday, October 31, 2011

Man it has been long time...

Isn’t it funny how insanely fast life can pass you by? The last time I blogged my daughter C was a mere 9 months old. Today….she’s 2 AND 2 ½ months old. She is always running and screaming since apparently little girls can’t seem to do one without the other simultaneously. She can also identify all of her ABC’s, count to 14, and sing Twinkle Twinkle in an understandable though not exactly correct rendition. She is the moon and the stars and keeps my heart a beatin’. She is also defiant, loud, and frequently causes me to take up residence at the end of my rope.

Then when C was a mere 12 months old Mommy got all confused and got pregnant with L. He was born on a cool Saturday in May and started shaking everything up. No one ever told me that going from 1 baby to 2 more than doubles the work. In many ways he is the exact opposite of C. He doesn’t sleep all that well whereas C slept like an angel from 8 weeks. He is a big time snuggler though and she never was. He adores watching C sing and play and I can’t wait to see them running around together.

Other than that life is good. We moved almost an hour closer to work early in 2011 and that has really given us our life back. We get to spend more time with the kids and less time sitting in the car. I spend most of time chasing kids, nursing, and being hooked up to a breast pump; I know super exciting right. I know that I am super blessed to be able to nurse for so long but Momma is ready for a break. I have been pregnant or nursing for 37 straight months….yep 37. I am so ready to have a cocktail without having to plan the crap out of it and go out of town with my Husband. All in good time I suppose. Maybe I will actually update something on here sometime soon. We’ll see!

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