Saturday, September 20, 2008

Crazy for some...

So I had an interesting conversation with Husband this week about my annual appointment. I got a "have fun." At which point I had a hard time not giving him the finger. My response was "naw babe why don't I send you in my place?" "We can get them to nicely insert a speculum in your ah hem place." You don't even want to know what he said then. Even so I would rather see her then my friggin dentist so there's that; and my dentist is even a nice guy; although I would totally protest him telling me to don a gown and then compressing on my uterus. I just don't think that is a place that dentists shoud be going.

Funny thing is that this was not an unusual conversation for us. Darling Husband does not get embarrassed and is actually pretty understanding about otherwise "taboo" topics. I guess every once in a while he may surprise me but for the most part it is par for the course.

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