Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Solid

So the Husband just asked, as I typed away while he was vacuuming, are you explaining how I am doing you a solid? My immediate thought was when did you turn back the clock to 18? Yes he was doing me a favor; because yes I broke a wine glass. No I was not drunk, and yes it was an accident. It involved me not wanting to hold it and trying to find space on the TV tray that has NO space. So it bit the dust, huge bummer. So now we need a new set of white glasses (Husband broke one months ago) and a set of red glasses in the first place. I am back on red after a few years absence...

Aunt Hilarious and Uncle Fun had us out to visit in one of CA's wine countries. We had lasagna the red wine was flowing. I drank it because I knew it was good stuff even though I was thinking probably not such a good idea. Aunt Hilarious thought it would be a good idea to have margaritas because cousin super young was gone at his first sleep over. So we attempted to watch Snatch and have margaritas. The story ends with Erica going down and Aunt Hilarious being well, hilarious. Bad night, worse morning, fun night. However, it resulted in my not drinking red wine for years without a stomach turn. Thankfully, I am cool now! :) We always had the most f-ng fun visiting Aunt Hilarious.

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