Monday, March 2, 2009


I have never been one who has had a doughnut issue or problem. I know there are those (you know who you are) where doughnuts are like a personal food group. My darling 110 pound adult Sister may be one of them; along with chocolate chip cookies, ice cream cones, and high fructose corn syrup. Girlfriend has a sweet tooth. Love you Munch!

So anyway, all this to say that doughnuts are very important to some people; just usually not to me. So why then did I have a lengthy dream last night, one in which I woke up several times only to return back to the same spot, on a quest for doughnuts from a reputable doughnut shop? It was like a Dude Where’s My Car? or a Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle- esqe quest.

I did eventually obtain my two dozen doughnuts and the glazed ones were awesome. I took them to work and NO ONE ate a single doughnut the whole day at work. So then by the end of the dream work day I was pissed that I had put so much effort into getting these ungrateful people doughnuts and they didn’t even eat them.
This may be one of my stranger pregnant dreams. When will I dream about the baby? What is all this food crap? Note to internet although I seem obsessed with food and drink I have not gained yet AT ALL!!!

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Singin' Mama said...

i love it! adam & i went on an ACTUAL quest for good doughnuts recently, so i understand your dream self very much.

ain't the no-pregnancy-weight-gain thing just the best? it's nice to be able to eat stuff/amounts you normally would avoid and not worry about it! enjoy it while it lasts.