Friday, March 27, 2009


This week (20th ) marks the point of where I really started to feel our baby. Several weeks back I had a icky flutter feeling that almost felt like I was getting a stomach ache and then it would subside a bit and I realized what it was. It was not very strong and intermittent and when I would feel it I would try to hang on as long as I could but how can you hang on to air? BUT earlier this week I definitely felt a push on something. It is almost like a small muscle twitch except it doesn’t repeat itself right away. It is definitely like the coolest thing so far next to actually seeing her. And I am happy to report friends that it looks like we are having a very healthy baby girl. We only have one test left to go as a double check and I am excited to see her again. Sadly this next scan will be the last time I likely see her until she is born and that seems so far away! Pregnancy is so long!! I am sure it will start picking up from here. I will have more nights where I almost fall over in the shower trying to reach my ankles, nights getting up to pee, mornings trying to find shoes (so some things don’t change).

I can’t wait for Husband to be able to feel her too. It should be soon!

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