Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pissy Dust

Recently I spent an evening with some people that and one of our elderly grandmothers was there. It was the weirdest thing she was just really critical of everything that anyone said. If this was normal behavior for this G-ma then I wouldn’t have noticed but she is one of the sweetest old ladies I know. So anyway the next day as I am describing the evening to E at work I comment that she seemed to be all about spreading her Pissy Dust on everyone. So yes I coined a new term.

There have also been several instances in the past year where someone around me (often Husband) said something ridiculously hilarious that needs to be immortalized somehow. I need some sort of repository for awesome quotes. I had a book somewhere but it seems somehow okie to store my quotes about itchy asses, hammers, mental agility, and pissy dust next to quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt and Oliver Wendell Holmes.
So if you have any ideas…

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