Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rachel Moment

Sunday at home I had a “Rachel” moment. All of a sudden it popped in my head that my What to Expect book is great and everything but I haven’t read anything about what to do when the baby is born! So I was like hmm maybe I should get What to Expect the First Year. So while I was at target yesterday I pick up the book. And boy and I am glad I did. Not only is it 800 pages long but I bet about 1/3 of it should be read before the baby is born. It covers all sort of awesome stuff like the pros and cons of breastfeeding, how to be a supportive coach, and advice to help you make some big decisions about sleeping arrangements and working and stuff. As I read through the table of contents I was like crap if I would have waiting some of this would be too little too late you know.

So you soon to be Mom’s out there in blogland. You may want to get some sort of baby reference material sooner rather than later.

Then this morning at work I start thinking about her going off to college; which I really hope she does…now. I mean 18 years from now I may be begging her to stay home you never know but hopefully logic will win out and I will be encouraging her to follow her education wherever it takes her even if that is 3000 miles away. Having said that my next thought was oh no what if she does something stupid like walks in a dark parking lot by herself. I mean I can be forgetful too; am I going to remember to teach her all of this stuff? There is so much I will need to teach her like how to deal with having her heartbroken, how to drive, how to be a good friend, how to be consistent and dependable, how to give back, how NOT to get in a fight, and how to suppress yelling at crappy ass drivers of course. Her Dad has a hard time with this so this will be an actual challenge people. So yes my baby girl who is twisting and turning in my belly (who I think may be a swimmer) please be careful and don’t go away to college and be given your Mama a heart attack. Oh and get good grades cause I’ll drag you home if you don’t. Oh and make friends, play nice, and be the best you can be.

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