Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's a good thing my Mom love me

This is an actual copy of an email I sent my Mom this morning. I didn't realize until she sent it back with a reply that I totally sounded like I have ADD; but I promist I don't!

You need an IM account. Here are a small example of the little things I have wanted to tell you this morning that don't separately really call for an email but I'll forget if I have to wait...

- I had a pesto bagel this morning and it was really awesome. I am sure you would like it.
- I tentatively added Chicken Pot Pies to the book list
- It looks like Edwards might be sold out for Break Dawn midnight showing tickets and they have not yet been released yet to buy at Sierra Vista. If you have an "in" you may want to cash that chip.
- Are you guys coming for Survivor tonight?
- What happen' with tomorrow?
- I am full because our breakfast pot luck today was awesome.
- All of a sudden this week I am not pumping much milk and I find that annoying.
- Did you still want to take family pictures?
- Did you hear it is supposed to rain this weekend?
- Linky was super smiley this morning but C has a runny nose.
- My daughter was gruuuum-py last night.

Yep I am that cool.

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