Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Space (and shit)

Actual conversation between me and the Husband today:

Cj: Did you know Stairway to Heaven came out 40 years ago today?
Me: I saw that article.
Cj: Heard about the asteroid that will pass by the earth tonight closer than the moon?
Me: No. Do you want me to sleep tonight?
Cj: Oh I figured you had heard and just not said anything.
Me: No.
Cj: Uhh ok I am assuming you don’t want me to tell you about it.
Me: Nope.

This may seem like a totally innocent conversation people but it so totally isn’t!! I hate space (and shit) and I always have. My brain with its limited spatial skills can’t really grasp the concept of outer space. In fact, the thought of it scares the holy crapola out of me. He knows this so what does he do? He brings up asteroids coming close to the earth; and you know what? I don’t have the time to freak out about that tonight. Plus, I am pretty sure Ben Affleck is busywith his two daughters and pregnant wife and everything he can’t go take care of that crap. They might be able to get Bruce Willis, I mean I haven’t seen that guy do anything in a while, but he might be busy stalking Ashton Kutcher so he can pummel him for cheating on his ex-wife.

So thanks Husband for screwing with my head. You are forcing my hand to talk about periods or something just to screw with you. Hmm that doesn’t really freak him out though. Maybe I’ll start crying about wanting a new baby; that ought to scare the crap out of him.

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