Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sometimes they can be so sweet

Our Daughter C loves M-n-M’s; and I mean LOVES them. One of the first things she usually says in the morning is, “Mmmmmmnemms in a cup pease?” Mind you she doesn’t get M-n-M’s each day and certainly not for breakfast but, I suppose, 2 year old’s keep the faith that someday you will say yes.

I am not sure when but many months ago whenever we would give her a treat we would put it in the smallest little Tupperware bowl that came with our current set. C, calls these "cups." My kitchen is arranged so that C has access to all my Tupperware and all non-glass mixing bowls. She often pulls them all out and stacks them while I am cooking dinner. When she asks for raisins, cheerios, and even M-n-M’s I tell her to go get her cup.

I say all of that so you can understand how heart stopping sweet and adorable this child can be. Last night the Husband and I are watching a few minutes of Jeopardy after we finished dinner. Jeopardy is a family favorite in our house. C loves the show and gets very excited when it comes on and has since she was an infant; but I’ll write about that another day. So we are sitting there watching the show and C goes running out of the living room with purpose. I didn’t see she what she was doing but I don’t follow her around 24/7; she is a pretty independent child. I hear her open the Tupperware cabinet and then shut the doors. Then the adorable slap slap slap of toddler feet comes bounding into the living room. I assumed she was getting a “cup” to make her M-n-M request.

She walks into the living room and hands her Dad a cup with a mint in it and then she walks over to me and hands me one with a mint in it. I guess she thought since we ate all our dinner that we needed a treat. It was such a sweet moment and I was fighting back tears. I told her “Thank you baby that was so nice.” She responded “Welcome Mommy,” and then took off like she didn’t feel the ground shift beneath her feet like I did. I was so tired from my 10 hour day and I have been under so much stress; and that moment made it all worth it.

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